Desert Safari Dubai | The Adventurous Evening Dubai Safari

Our safari captain will pick you up at the appointed time on the day of your evening time desert safari. Then, we start “The Desert Safari Dubai” by picking up our very important guests in a 4×4 vehicle at a place of their choosing. A safari guide will show you around Dubai’s desert. The trip takes about 45 minutes from the center of Dubai. We have put together the perfect plan for an evening safari.

When you get to the desert, you can sit back and relax while the driver checks the air pressure in your tires to prepare for an exciting off-road trip. You will go on one of your most exciting Desert Safari Dubai trips with our DTCM-certified captain. Enjoy dune bashing for 30–45 minutes in the beautiful red dunes of Dubai’s desert. Because of the bumpy ride, this trip is not for very old or very young people. It is against the rules for pregnant women to go dune bashing.

Adventures in The Desert Dubai

After dune bashing on the Desert Safari Dubai journey, your driver will stop at a tall dune so you can take pictures of the desert in its natural state. You won’t have more than 10 minutes for the photo opportunity. Next, he’ll show you the way to our camp in the desert in the Al Aweer area.

You can ride a camel at the end of the short walk to our campsite. You might have to pay more to extend your camel ride. The driver will help you with anything, including how to ride the quad bikes. Near the entrance to the camp, you can also find a group of quad bikes.

After your camel ride and quad bike adventure, your safari captain will be waiting to take you back to camp. Next, he’ll show you to your seats and go over the plans for the evening desert safari and barbeque feast.

You will get Gahwa (Arabic coffee), Gaymat (sweets), and dates as you reach the base camp. At our Desert Safari Dubai camp at night, we will give you as many soft drinks as you want. You can also take pictures in the kandura and abaya, traditional “Arabian” clothes. Dubai doesn’t offer a desert safari at night because of covid.

When you’re not doing anything, you can have fun checking out what the evening Dubai desert safari Camp offers. Like smoking Shisha, Henna art is only for women. Go to the Falconer’s show and get your picture taken with the beautiful bird.

Safari in the Dubai Desert with a Grilled Meal

After sunset, there will be a live belly dance show, and the rest of the evening will be the same as with the standard package of Desert Safari Dubai. At the show’s beginning, there will be a traditional belly dance. Then, there will be a Tanoura dance, described as “an Egyptian dance done by men.”

Everyone in the area must come with us to the desert and have a barbecue. We have a BBQ in the desert with vegetarian and meat options for dinner. If you are a Jain vegetarian and want an evening safari, you must let us know when you book. To make eating easy for Jain people.

After dinner, you can try local sweets, watch a second belly dancing show, and then wind down with a fire show. Now, the best-ever Desert Safari Dubai is over. Then, you can relax in the 44 cruisers waiting outside the tent, and the driver will take you back home. At the same time, you think about your amazing desert safari in Dubai.

Quad-Bike Safari in the Desert at Dusk

Guests can even plan a Desert Safari Dubai adventure in the evening, including riding their own quad bikes through the desert. Our safari captain will show you how to drive this self-driving quad in the desert. After a short introduction, you can ride the quad bike. You can book a 30-minute or an hour-long quad ride. To find out how much quad bikes cost in Dubai, click “Dubai Quad Bike Price.”

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Evening-time adventure in the desert: riding camels

The evening Desert Safari Dubai trip in Dubai includes a short camel ride through the desert. This short camel ride is just a taste of the desert. The camel ride on the evening safari lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also ride a camel for an hour.

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