Should you buy bulk twitch viewers? What are its pros and cons?

Bulk buying of twitch viewers can hurt your channel.
Let’s understand how bulk buying of twitch viewers can hurt your channel or account
and how buying bulk viewers will get you in trouble. People on Twitch are desperate
to have more followers and viewers, so they buy rather than go for organic growth.
This action can have a very negative impact on your twitch account performance and
Buying viewers and followers in bulk can make twitch policy to put an eye on you
because of the sudden increase in the number, which can go against the twitch
policy. Twitch has become much stricter about how people get more followers and
how they interact with them. But you always need to follow the rules, or there can
be severe consequences from the twitch policy.
Twitch can investigate your account and even can ban you from the platform. This
happens when people use bots and artificial followers to engage with fake viewers,
so when you choose to buy viewer service, you need to be careful and conscious.
Users will also know you are fake.
Not only twitch but also your users or audience will come to know your followers and
viewers are not real; they will start liking you less. The audience wants authentic
users that they can follow and watch on live stream, not someone who buys a bunch
of fake followers and viewers and spam the chat box with artificial or bot messages.
Don’t risk your reputation and authenticity; buying counterfeit followers from a low-
quality website can hurt your Twitch in the long run.
Pros and cons of buying twitch followers.

 An opportunity to generate revenue through more viewers and followers.
Nothing is stopping you from generating revenue through Twitch. With this service,
you can easily set up your page, allowing viewers to send tips. However, you will feel
that most dealings between streamers and their viewers occur through Twitch’s
services, such as paid subscriptions, ad revenue, and bits.
Ability to offer viewers the benefits of ad-free viewing 
Ads-free is a fun incentive that allows viewers of a specific channel to share their
fandom across Twitch. As a streamer, you should never get tired of seeing others use
the ad-free service they provide. Only Twitch Affiliates or Partners can offer ad-free
or execute the Channel Points system. Skipping ads is also a pleasant perk, though
you can highly recommend watching them to support your favorite streamers via the
ad revenue they’ll make from each view. 
Ability to stream elsewhere
Twitch Affiliate does not stop streamers from streaming on other platforms, and You
can also stream on YouTube if you so choose. 
Transcoding permits viewers to select the resolution for the stream they’re watching.
Every Companion stream gets allowed to transcode, while some Fellows will earn
access to whatever transcoding slots are left.
Streaming in the highest achievable resolution exists perfectly in the most general
terms. Yet, the incapability to transcode can cut off more of your audience than you
think. For those living in countries with restricted broadband access or strict data
caps, your 1080p 60fps stream may not be possible. Reaching Affiliates won’t ensure
that you get entry to this part all the time, but it’s an improvement over not taking
the deal and never having access to transcoding for your audience.
Twitch takes some cuts or percentages from all the purchases of Bits and
When you subscribe to a streamer for $5, the streamer gets $2.50, and Twitch gets
$2.50. $2.50 helps and is greatly valued, but you can tip a streamer $5 through
another platform and have the streamer receive the entire amount, which is a more
significant percentage of that donation. When you buy bits, you cover an upfront
cost that goes to Twitch. Both ways might be more affordable and reliable, but
Twitch still functions in the centre, taking their cut one way or another. don’t get
mad at Twitch for taking to make money in this way, but it’s something you should

You’ll have to work extra to fill this revenue as part of your taxes.
 Twitch money isn’t free money. Like any revenue stream, you must file it in your
taxes. The process will differ from country to country, but it is extra work for you to
account for come tax season.
The live stream content you create on Twitch is premier to Twitch for 24 hours, and
you can post this on another platform.
You anchored the ills stream of recent times, and you want to share that clip on
Instagram As soon as possible. But Sorry, you can’t, as that disobeys the Twitch
Affiliate contract.
While on another platform, there is free-to-make content, any content that seems on
Twitch can only appear on Twitch in the first 24 hours of its presence. You can
instantly share the Twitch link on your Twitter, but a special clip upload to Facebook,
Instagram, or any other platform will get you into a problem.
Also, this even means you can’t use multi-streaming benefits without breaking the
terms of your contract. If streaming to numerous platforms at once is essential to you,
taking that Affiliate deal with Twitch will force you to stop.

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