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Spectrum Overview

A spectrum is the series of scattered components of the radiations of increasing or decreasing order of their wavelength. Spectrum is the cumulative term with visible light for frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. Wireless that relies on spectrum is an essential component of human life in this modern era of technology. Mobile technology uses spectrum. In 2011 almost 25% of Americans became fond of Smartphones and this ratio was doubled after 4 years in 2015 to 56%. The actual value of spectrum could be getting from its functioning as input in the production of wireless services that generates socio-economic value. For mobile Network 645.5MHz of licensed spectrum is available. Its economic value total worth is $455 billion. Total Net worth of social benefit is Wireless Mobile Service approximates almost $5-$10 trillion.

The spectrum policy is dissolved in between two agencies; FCC has regulative power above spectrum frequencies and NTIA regulates governmental spectrum in contrast to FCC that is used in the private sector. The communication on large sector e.g. mobile telephony, AM/FM radio, Internet service, requires licensed spectrum. Such type of spectrum is used for governmental use while unlicensed spectrum is used by public. As by example, 2.4GHz is unlicensed band and is used where Bluetooth, microwave Oven and Wifi is operated. FCC certified devices are reserved to the low levels. Broadcasting licenses were issued by Secretary Commerce to every applicant, so in 1934 this function was transferred to (FCC).

What are 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE?

Usually you might have heard that your friend is the user of 4G and other is the user of 3G; but now the system is moderating itself with the passage of time. Now several countries are introducing 5G Network in their countries but not yet Pakistan has this feature. Our Androids are featured to 4G Network. Read this article, the information is going interesting as we are discussing what they actually are? Now the 1G and 2G are present up to non-existence. 1G was the mobile Network that as discovered in 1980’s. Though its importance now is not worth considering. But with the step towards modern age, 3G is also ending its rule. And now 4G is used by many. Now it is planned that government will introduce the 5G Network in Pakistan in 2023 and it will revolutionize your Mobile. Every generation is most accurate than the before and most powerful Network connection than previous. LTE is wireless data standard used for unlicensed data transferring like Wifi.

Channels that uses Spectrum

Not only the mobiles but also the social media requires Spectrum. Some most of the popular TV channels also possess spectrum techniques. Different types of channels including sports and cartoons and TV news channels and some educational and informative channels also use Spectrum in TV’s. The following channels having Spectrum are as:

Kids Channels that are available with Spectrum

For kids the different channels have Spectrum technique.  Babysitters also want some entertainment, so TV cartoon channels are here to provide you with cartoons of different types for amusement

  1. Animal Planet
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. Discovery Channel
  4. PBS Kids
  5. Universal Kids
  6. Music Choice – Toddler Tunes
  7. Cartoon Network
  8. Disney Channel
  9. Music Choice – Kidz Only!

Informative Kids Channels having Spectrum

A kid interestingly needs something for enjoyment and for increasing knowledge despite of studies. So they need informative shows so that people could inspire themselves by watching science shows. Kids love Historical stories and travelling stories, me too loves to discover history. So on our T.V channels Spectrum technology is available for viewing informative programs.

  1. Nat GEO
  3. Higher Ed Access
  4. PBS
  5. Science
  6. TLC
  7. Travel Channel
  8. TV Land

Sports channels with Spectrum available

Some sports channels with Spectrum technology helps in entertainment like if you are sports lover then sports channels can help you in watching live programs of World Cup, T20, ODI’s etc. So fewer of the channels with Spectrum technology are as:

  1. ESPN
  2. NBC Sports Network
  3. ACCN
  4. FOX Sports 1 (FS1)
  5. SEC Network
  7. ESPN2
  8. SEC Extra

FAQs of the Spectrum TV

QNo.1 Is Spectrum has HD Channels?

Yes, it also proffers HD Channels.

QNo.2 Is Spectrum has 4K channels?

Spectrum couldn’t offers 4K channels.

QNo.3 ABC is present on Spectrum is present on which channel?

Local broadcast like ABC have different channels and depends on the area with which you belongs.

QNo.4 what is the cost of EPIX with Spectrum?                 

The monthly cost of the EPIX with any Spectrum TV is $5.99.


We have informed you about the Spectrum and its impact on our lives. Hope our blog has sort out all of your queries.

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